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Beggar Is Earning Just Over 27,000 USD Per Month

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Begging is by default looked at as a humiliating lifestyle. Well, it may look disgracing and shameful, but learning about this man may prompt many of you to feel ashamed too. Why? This story will show you that some beggars are making much more money by begging than you can make by doing your job and desperately trying to please your boss and his dog. We’re not talking about begging and making few hundreds dollars more, we’re talking about earning just over 27,000 USD per month.

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Of course, we shouldn’t forget that vast majority of beggars are poor and unfortunate people who don’t know where their next meal will come from, but it seems that begging if done correctly can yield money that will never be obtained through all those shiny business ideas that we all think about and dream about, hoping one day we will make it all work and finally relieve ourselves of the chains of insufficient funds once and for all. While you’re developing your great ideas and pushing your cart up the hill, you’re free to see arguably the richest beggar in India.

Earning 900-1000 dollars each day by begging: Bharat Jain

Photo source:jagran

This man is reportedly earning 900-1000 USD each day (60,000 Indian Rupee). That’s just over 27,000 USD each month. He is making such a good money that he decided to buy two adjacent apartments in posh Parel area, which are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Besides the apartments, he also invested in a shop at Bhandup area, Mumbai, which he has been renting out and earning money from the rent.

Modus operandi: Begging at busy terminals. Full time job, begging 8 to 10 hours of a day. Sometimes he boards the train and is begging until the train reaches final destination. He is not aggressive, tries to be polite and humble, but is goal-oriented and persistent.

You don’t believe there are beggars like this? You don’t believe a beggar could be earning more than most of you?

Hm, more recent story is showing us that there are even wealthier beggars out there. As Gulfnews reported on March 17, 2017 a beggar has been caught with 270,000 Emirati Dirham which amounts to just over 73,500 USD.

This makes me wonder if something like this is possible in India or Arab countries only, or some well-skilled begging person would be able to humbly pull off something like this in US or other dignified highly developed democracies?

Photo source:mta tv

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