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  • Science

    Presenting Russian Hoverbike

    Russian company implemented drone technology and created a hover vehicle. It’s called Hover Surf Scorpion S-3. It seems like the design was inspired by heavy-duty motorcycles. Both manual and automated flight is available.…

  • Science

    Let’s Break Some Glass

    Do you feel sometimes like you want to get a baseball bat and break everything around you? Breaking glass intentionally can relieve you from stress. Yes, it can, in fact, be good for…

  • Science

    Pig Heart Chocolate

    Why not create a big chocolate using pig’s heart? Yes, a real pig’s heart, flesh and everything! It will be a big chocolate, it will look anatomically exactly like a pig’s heart. What…

  • Science

    This Car Can Predict Crash – Watch

    The car future is here. Tesla can now predict a crash before it happens. How is that possible? The car’s autopilot is using the safe-driving-pattern monitoring system to trigger the alarm and the…