Very Unusual Way Of Getting Out Of Prison

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There is a country where you can murder someone, be locked up in prison, then you get into a ring, you fight, you kick the hell out of your opponent, and as a reward you are released from prison! The country is Thailand and the discipline you need to be good at is Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a form of martial arts known for its brutality and an extensive use of sharp elbows, knee-kicks, clutches and other things designed to inflict serious injuries. You may think these fights are secretly operated in obscure places and that they can’t be legal! The truth is that this is completely legal in Thailand and the stage is not a secret, it is well-known Rangsit Stadium, outside of Bangkok. You may also think the prisoners fight each other, but, on the contrary, their opponents are not prisoners, their opponents are mostly foreigners hungry for prestige and bragging rights.

In February 2017, an American Cody Moberly, 28 years old, fought prison-tattooed Noy Khaopan who was convicted of murder. His victim was Anirut Vanichyaron who was celebrating his school graduation when stabbed to death by Noy. So, if Noy wins the fight he would be released from prison six years early from an 11-year murder sentence. Cody on the other hand wants to keep Noy in prison to honor the victim’s family, but also to achieve popularity gained from an exclusive fighting story.

In the following video you can see Cody Moberly…

Source:youtube/andy zerger

His opponent: Noy Khaopan, a father of one, murderer, prison inmate…


Cody and Noy sqaured off in five round match. How did it all end?

Noy was declared the winner. According to Dailymail he was freed from prison and returned to work with his parents on a chicken farm. “I don’t need forgiveness from everyone in this world. If my parents forgive me I am satisfied” he said.

Cody commented:”I actually thought I won that fight, though, but I wasn’t about to protest anything. He was pretty tough but everybody thought I won. Film crews from Showtime and HBO were there and they all thought I won.”(Source:2paragraphs)

Interested to know more about this completely legal and special way of getting out of prison? Watch…


When asked whether it is a good idea to allow criminals walk away like this, Thai officials and significant portion of Thai people claim:”Forgiveness is the main pillar of our culture”

What is your opinion about all this?

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